[office sound] Listen to Yugo's opening sound [office sound] Another Yugo

"Yugo Bounson"

Purchase Agent. Responsible for working with wholesalers and manufacturers in product selection,
and delivery. We still try to figure out how he gets the job done.
Does a lot of deal making on his cigarette breaks.

Quick Profile:
"Nicotine! Caffeine! Codeine! Hail to the chemicals that keep me balanced! My name is Yugo, do you like Yugo? I like the name, oh my God, the coffee ran out. I can't help it but I am all over the map..It's just who I am. I can't sit still for a minute and I don't know what to do. I can't think straight. What's your name. Oh forget it. I have too many inputs. I multi-process... can't filter out all the sounds and sights around me. Hard to follow me. I'm a good guy. Look at that, one cigarette left gotta go on a break. Can't think straight. I like it here. People are nice. People are good. I like people. Do you like people? Forget about me. I said my name. Didn't I? I have a caffeine headache. Need to get more coffee. Java baby. Java is like pure butter. Does that make sense? No, I know I'm rambling. You got this far. You understand me, right? Got lots of work to do. Doctors say for me to hang in there. They say I am paranoid. They say I am neurotic with psychotic tendencies. They say I shake because I am nervous, because I am who I am. Gotta be me, right? It that right? My skin itches. Do you have itchy skin? Head spinning. No. Head not spinning. It's my body that's spinning. Bang your head and raise the dead!
I gotta date tonight. Won't last. I can't commit to anyone. I will probably be commited. Did you see Halley's Comet? I use Comet to scrub my tub. Not suppose to. Scrub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub. Did you see the movie Three Men and a Baby? Can Three Men take care of a baby? I can't take care of myself. Baby steps...baby steps...baby steps...
Please, don't tell anyone my problems...do you think anyone knows? I know everyone has baggage. Just some people have steam trunks. Are they watching me? I feel like someone is always watching me. Yeah, I know that was a song. I sing to myself too.
Gotta run...too much coffee..."

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