vegout.com was conceived 4 years ago by a Cornell graduate who saw the boom in the internet world. He saw that everyone was going to follow, like some sorta cult, into this internet world. He knew that online chatting would replace the human interaction, that online auctions would mesmerize the masses, and that GIFS, TIFS, and JPEGS would be the new lingo. He also knew that the web would get so wired with hyperlinks to nowhere, and that everyone would get so side-tracked by the banner ads, that they would forget what they were searching for to begin with.
He knew that office productivity would decrease, as employees covertly clicked to see their stock portfolios, read stupid email jokes, and feverishly try to outbid for that special eBay gift. Dirty pictures, recipes, and airline reservations would be hidden behind screen savers and minimized windows.
He also knew that people would start getting tired of the myriad of information overload, and the .com commercials that would be flashing endlessly on the TV for things that no one would remember...
SO, he said, why not be the antithesis of everything that is happening? Why not have a website that nurtures people? That is funny? That embraces? That relaxes people from the daily stresses... vegout.com was then created. No banner ads. No hyperlinks to nowhere. No entanglement of web pages. The thought is simple: At this point, content is being added, and we can always use help!
We have an interesting team: Ken, Dee, Phil, Krystal, and Yugo, of which you can learn more about them by clicking their image. Back
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