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"Phil E. Sha"

Creative Director. Responsible for web design, logo's, and corporate literature.
Also orders the flavored coffee for the office.

Quick Profile:
"Oh, hi there. I'm Phil. It is such a pleasure to have you join me! Would you like some tea? Coffee? An Altoid? I quess you would say I am a people pleaser. I love a harmonious environment, and love it when all my co-workers blend so nicely. It's divine!
I started with vegout.com well over two years ago. Such memories-memories like the Jasmine in my mind. You might say I used to be an entertainer down in Key West, until the nightclub burned down. WELL, I was just beside myself. I said to myself, Mary-I mean, Phil, you have got to get yourself together, and make something of yourself! So, I got my steamer trunk, packed my Coogi's and Jhane Barnes, and headed for the big ole Apple. When I got to the Big Apple, I said Mary-I mean, Phil, this is one incredible stage! And the shopping is to die for--I got this Abboud at Century 21 for fifty percent off! I answered a Help Wanted ad in the NY Times for vegout.com. They were looking for someone who is a people person, who is a team-player, and can learn quick. I said,"I'm your man!"
When I interviewed, I noticed that the office was kinda stark. I said, you know, if I am hired, I can really brighten this place up and make it exciting and beeee-u-tee-ful. Well I got the job! My mother was just sooo happy for me! I just couldn't wait to transform this place! Mauve and grey--gives it that business yet cozy feeling. I also needed to get some greenery in this place!
Do you like my orchids? I got a really good deal on this Phalaenopsis from Kauai. It is a marrrrvelous specimen. You just have to be careful that you gingerly mist--oh, and watch out for "scale". I like cacti too. Look how long this one is Well, I have to run...It's Yugo's birthday tomorrow, and I still have to decorate his cake... and run to the "Y" to, uh, lift weights... Bye-bye!

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