[office sound] Listen to Ken's opening sound [office sound] Ken's "yes-sir" spirit

"Ken Doit"

VP, vegout.com. Responsible for vegout.com's success. Has to oversee the office, interface
with the Executive Management, and provide strategies for the company.

Quick Profile:
Yeah, I run the office. Dysfunctional crew I have, don't I? Dee, who make Leona Helmsley look sweet. Yugo, who invented the word "addict". Phil is nice, but if I hear one more time how he has to "gingerly mist" his plants, I am gonna smash a pot over his head. And Krystal--if she is so much into that psychic stuff, why can't she give our office good Karma? I started with vegout.com a little over four years ago. I left my job at IBM to come to this place-- they waltzed with me during the pre-IPO period. They said I would get 20,000 shares in stock options. And that I would be rich if I just do my job.

Well, the IPO went through, and now I report to a Board of Directors, a CEO, and the shareholders. Unbeknownst to me, my mother bought a ton of shares in her hopes of getting rich. Now, the shares are worth a , and since my mother was a major share-holder, she now sits on the board. I have one upset relative, who watches every move I make.

I can't really leave vegout.com anyway, nor can they fire me. I have a 6 year contract with them, and if I quit, my mother will make my life hell. And if I am fired, they have to pay me 3 years severance. It sounds like a good "marriage", doesn't it?
All I know is, I have learned to say,"Yes Sir", "I CAN do that Ma',m","Oh, yes that sounds like a plan!","I absolutely agree with you one hundred and ten percent!".

Yeah, I'm a "yes" man. It works.
It is very stressful here, though. I feel like they want me to do more and more work, , and I feel like I am going around in circles ... .
I do have some kewl things to help me out with the stress. I have a desktop waterfall, a slinky, and one of those click-clack things.
I just want to be a child again...
I just need to veg out...

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