[office sound] Listen to Dees opening sound [office sound] Another beautiful blurb from Dee

"Dee Kroch"

"The administrator from hell"
Responsible for answering phones, paying bills, filing, and office gossip.

Quick Profile:
"What the hell do you want? My name? It's Dee. Dee Kroch. And if you make one comment about my name, I will shove this stapler up your...uh, ohh, sorry. I get snappy. I am going through that change where a woman has to be the martyr for mankind. Men--they are all the same. They're all dogs. It's just what kind of dog do you want. I like the "greyhound" type of man. I love it when I scream at them, and then see them put their tails between their legs and run off emasculated. HA HA! Just a minute...let me cool myself down...
Well anyway, I've been with vegout.com for four years now. And not a penny raise--that God..uh, ohh, sorry. I am the office administrator, and I take care of the mail, answer the phone if I am close to it, and spawn office gossip. I'm not good at that Microsoft Word Stuff--I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome-- Between that and my age, my boss can't touch me! Heh heh heh. You know, I should be the boss of this office. I am sick of men dominating everything. My boss made ME file yesterday. I broke a nail, that Son of a..uh, ohh..excuse me.
You might think my skin looks like a twice baked potato. WELL, in my youth, I was one hot tamale. Men would flock from far and near to come "visit" me, and they would give me flowers and candy and tell me they love me.
Just a second...I am getting a flash again....
Anyhow, I gotta go see what time it is...gotta get the hell out of here...".

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